Things to do

& Snow sport

Kyrgyz is a Perfect Place for Winter Sports.

Horse Riding
& Hunting

Kyrgyz is very famous for horses and.

Night Club
& Night Life

Kyrgyz provide world class Night Life.

& Water Sports

Kyrgyz has one of the Largest Alpine Lake.

& Snooker

Bowlink & Snooker Centers are world class.

Tour Activities in Kyrgyzstan

Skiing & Snow Sport Kyrgyzstan is known for its world class ski resorts and snow sports during winter, you can enjoy skiing and snow sports in Kyrgyzstan during the month of November, December & January, Resorts and facilities provided in Kyrgyzstan are in International standards & safety, There are so many international Tourists comes to Kyrgyz ski Resorts every year, Kyrgyzstan is becoming a very famous ski destination in the International Tourism map and it is considered as a perfect adventure sport destination .

Horse Riding & Hunting Horses are widely used for transportation and adventure sports in Kyrgyz villages, Any where out side city life of Kyrgyzstan, we can find people riding on Horses, Kyrgyz people are expert in horse riding and they use Horses for various activities, Any tourist want to participates in Adventure activities on Horses then Kyrgyzstan is one of the Best place for this, You can also watch Horse riding and Hunting competitions in Kyrgyzstan, Kyrgyz adventure life is always open for those who love it..

Night Club & Night Life When it comes to Night Life and fun, Kyrgyzstan stand a step ahead in providing night life and entertainments for its Tourists, Capital City of Kyrgyzstan called Bishkek is filled with World class Night clubs and Night life providing centres which offers international quality fun and un ending night life for party lovers from all over the world, Tourist activities in Kyrgyzstan is less expensive and in High quality, For every tourists who are looking for unlimited Night life and fun Kyrgyzstan will be the best preference.

Swimming & Water Sports Kyrgyzstan is blessed with purest water resources through out the country, Kyrgyzstan has the second Largest alpine lake in the world called Issyk kul, This vast lake is bit salty and filled with crystal clear water, surrounded by snow tipped mountains, this lake does not freeze during winter, Issyk kul is one of the best tourist place in Kyrgyzstan which is favourite for domestic as well as foreign Tourist from world over, Issyk kul is a sulfer lake and taking bath in it is considered as Healthy.

Bowling & Snookers Kyrgyzstan capital city Bishkek provide various indoor and out door sports and entertainment activities for every one, Bishkek has so many Bowling Alleys and Snooker clubs in the city area and they provide world class facilities and standards for its visiters, Any body want to spend time in smooth and fun activities in Kyrgyzstan will be satisfied with its fun clubs, in addition to Bowling and snookers you can also have fun at Table tennis centres in indoor and outdoor points of the city. .