DIY Cultural Tour of Bishkek

The reason for the popularity of Bishkek is not only, it is the capital of Kyrgyzstan but the cultural trends and the values it has. Although Kyrgyzstan is highly influenced by the west because it is close to Europe. This is the reason why you will see many European cultural trends.

Alongside the European trends, you will also witness the cultural trends, architecture, food and other cultural specialties of Bishkek. This city is filled will places that have a high cultural position in Bishkek.

If you are on a tour to Bishkek and you do not want a guide with you, then you can do the cultural tour of Bishkek by yourself. You can see the museums and the book of Kyrgyzstan that reflect the culture of Bishkek. Food is also a big reflection of the culture.

There are various sites that you can visit in Bishkek to know the cultural values of Bishkek. Here are some of the places which you can visit in Bishkek. If you want it to be self-guided, it is even better. You just need to know the places that you should visit.

Here are some of the best cultural places to visit in Bishkek.

The Manas Sculptural Complex

The Manas Sculptural Complex is a legendary square where you will find a statue of a horse with a man. This man is supposed to be the hero and the horse is a magical horse that has the ability to fight the evil dragons. You can visit The Manas Sculptural Complex and explore much more about The Manas Sculptural Complex.

Kyrgyz State Philharmonic

Kyrgyz State Philharmonic has halls. This is there to host traditional musical concerts. The two halls at the Kyrgyz State Philharmonic are there for the entertainment. If you are on a cultural tour, you can visit here and explore the cultural music of Kyrgyzstan.

Russian Orthodox Church

It is a Russian church. You might be in an owe to see a church in a Muslim country. This church is beautiful and eye-catching.

National Library

National Library is a place where you can explore the original culture without any amendment. Here at the national library in Bishkek, you can read the books on the cultural importance of Kyrgyzstan.

Aaly Tokombaev House Museum

It is a must-visit museum. You can visit this museum and explore more about the culture. The Kyrgyzstan culture is depicted in detail here at the Aaly Tokombaev House Museum.

All these places are significant in the culture of Kyrgyzstan. You can visit these places on your own and explore the gems in the culture of Kyrgyzstan

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Posted by Bekjan Egemberdiev

Having grown up in Bishkek, before moving to London for University, I now find myself back in Bishkek - and I want to share how amazing this city, and all of Kyrgyzstan is with the world.

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