Kyrgyzstan & The Silk Road

Carving the true essence and culture through the sand, certain routes have managed to continuously capture the attention of the explorers. The Silk Road is one of a trading pilgrimages filled with intrigue and sonder that allows you to have a spontaneous journey. From Istanbul to Xian, the desert and thrilling mountains with the river and valley aside makes you feel homesick for a place you’ve never been before. Kyrgyzstan and the Silk Road form an exotic combination with the caravans of camel filled with valuable merchandise and spices. Central Asia has such a wild and mysterious history due to the presence of the Great Silk Road. It makes sense as it is one of the most extensive trading routes in the world.

Spreading into China and the Middle East, the Silk Road countries form a journey across central Asia like no other. The caravan route changes from time to time, but the basic directions remain the same. The route passing across Kyrgyzstan remained the same due to the near presence of Pamir and Tien-Shan mountains.

Kyrgyzstan, which is a part of the Great Silk road, contributes to the beauty of it. This country based on picturesque sites will make you feel how little of the world you have experienced. The mountains of Tien Shan and Pamir are the destination for the climber with the world-famous peaks of Lenin and Victory. The rivers are ideal for rafting whereas the gorges of the mountains are loved by the trekkers. The presence of the caravan routes is leading towards the growth of rich cities, trade, and merchandise. Kyrgyzstan is the central attraction for the ancient Turkic tourists.

Fascinating Silk Road Destination in Kyrgyzstan

The namesakes come from the large quality production of the silk that is passed to the western countries. However, silk is not only the item carried by the merchants. The vast route of Silk Road helped in inducing globalization due to the continuous exchange of ideas and merchandises. The memories are preserved in the form of monuments located on the Silk Road. This territory contains monuments including Burana Tower, Kumbez Manas, Shah-Fazil mausoleum, Mount Suleiman, and Caravanserai “Tash Rabat”. The three destinations that add to the historic value of Kyrgyzstan include the Tash Rabat, Osh Bazaar, and Burana Tower 

Kyrgyzstan is the home to the caravanserai of the Silk Road at the Tash Rabat. Tash Rabat, which was originally a monastery, is the shelter for the travelers to protect from the miscreants. History lovers will thoroughly enjoy Tash Rabat due to the large doomed and unique structure. Burana tower is a stately monument that embraces the legends. The tower is surrounded with stone statues that highlights the ancient warriors along with a modest museum with the history of Burana tower and ancient collections. Lastly, the Osh Bazaar is an exciting place to shop where the traders are constantly exchanging goods amidst the jungle of Silk Road.

All these destinations add to your knowledge regarding Kyrgyzstan and The Silk Road. Covered with the beautiful range of mountains, traveling these places will give you a nice overview of Kyrgyzstan.

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