Things To Do In Bishkek

At first glance, you might feel that Bishkek which is the capital of Krygyz has not much to offer in terms of attraction. However, you will discover that this place is filled with some eye-pleasing attractions, relaxing parks, exotic cafe, quirky sites, and underrated places. While visiting Bishkek, you don’t have to compromise on covering the places. Here are things to do while you visit Bishkek:

Admire the beautiful architecture

Ala-Too square is the central plaza in the Bishkek. This is one of the major landmarks which has plenty of water fountains and beaches. The states event and celebration usually take place here. Right after walking down the street, you will find the State Historical Museum. This is a must visit for people with historic interest. The imposing Lenin statue and eclectic collection of the Soviet era items add to the attraction of this place.

Visit the Osh Bazaar

Amidst the constant exchange of goods, visiting Osh Bazaar is a must. The hive of activities and continuous trading among the jungle of the Silk Road will make you spend several hours without realizing. You need to get your hands on the local snacks and fresh products that will surely excite your taste buds. Beware of pickpocketers and fake police that might want to get hands on your documents.

Don’t forget the abandoned buildings

The city has many abandoned buildings to explore that might fascinate. One of the abandoned buildings includes the forgotten casino. You will find interesting graffiti and smashed objects along with teenagers all around you.

Hiking is a must

If you are craving nature, then the Ala-Archa national park of Bishkek is the right place for you. The lush green region with gushing rivers and snowy peaks help you in attaining escape from the chaos life has created. Another cool place for hiking after Ala-Archa is the Konorchek canyon trail. It will surely provide a completely different experience. This region is less known even among the local visitors. After reaching Marshrutka, follow the trail for an hour to the bridge. Once you reach there, the view of Redstone Canyon is worth the sight.

Try the local food

You are surely missing out a major part of your visiting experience if you haven’t tried the local food of Bishkek. Cafe Faiza which is locally famous is worth a visit. This place is popular, thus, you will find it quite busy during lunch and dinner times. This place surely provides diversity in its menu. Another place is the Naval restaurant on the Togolok Moldo street with an aesthetically pleasing ambiance and English speaking staff.

The city brings one of its own experience. It will surely bring relaxation and peace while considering these tips on your journey.

Posted by Bekjan Egemberdiev

Having grown up in Bishkek, before moving to London for University, I now find myself back in Bishkek - and I want to share how amazing this city, and all of Kyrgyzstan is with the world.

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