Things To Do In Osh

Osh is the capital of the south and the second largest city of Kyrgyzstan being located at Fergana valley in the south of the country. Osh is also known as one of the cultural capital of Kyrgyzstan. The town owns a continental climate having dry summers and extremely cold winters. This place is one of the most attractive and prepossessing places for tourism. There are multiple activities or things to do in Osh such as:

Climbing mountain Sulaiman-Too

Want to explore Osh geographically? So mount Sulaiman is your place. Here you can do the short climb to explore the different caves and to have a walk towards the UNESCO World Heritage mountain-cum-sacred pilgrimage. However, these mountains give a complete overview of city Osh.


Osh is also known as the gateway to the Pamir Mountains, which is one of the highest mountain ranges of the world. It is situated in the middle of the Himalaya and Hindu Kush mountains. Here different trekking trips are arranged by the tour guides. This is one of the top listed activities to do at Osh.

Exploring blade master of Osh

If you ever go to the mahalla (neighborhood) near Craftsmen Street, then don’t forget to visit the little hole in the wall knife a workshop run by Zakir Jon, the knife craftsman of the town. He makes the finest friendly knives in the town. You can’t just pass throughout from that place without admiring his work when he turns the grindstone, pound the metal and form the makings of an honest-to-goodness hand-smithed blade made from scrap metal.

Making your own Lepyoshka bread

Bakeries use to make different customized bread according to the requirement of the customer, which are known as Lepyoshka bread. It is recommended to take a walk down the area along Kurmanjan Datka,  asked there to look into the tandoor to observe the way in which bread rounds bake, closely arranged on the inside of a tandoor. The whole thing is very warm and cool, and photogenic as well. This is one of the memorable things to do in Osh.

Have the best meals and drinks

Osh is a very exotic and lively city with a life full of different ethnic flavors of modern contemporary restaurants and bars.

Restaurant Tsarskiy Dv

Best known for the good collection of wine. If you have knowledge about the history of old wine then it is the best place to taste different kinds of it and considered as a fun activity by people as well.


It is a restaurant, bar, and a pub. Izum is famous for a good serving of wine and beer. Here you can enjoy the nightlife at the bar and can play different games at the pub. These two things are always listed on top by tourists to enjoy their nightlife.

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